Oneplus 3

  The OnePlus 3 smartphone has been officially released in London following a spectacular event with a record breaking leak. OnePlus was once famous for its major specification at a very low price. Although the Chinese company is pushing for higher prices with OnePlus 4 and 5, it is offering flagship phones at much lower prices than other brands. Therefore, OnePlus has a special attraction in the eyes of budget buyers.

  In terms of design, the OnePlus 3 is the front end of the phone, although the duct is similar to the iPhone 4, but OnePlus has improved significantly in terms of specifications.

  The OnePlus 3 phone has a huge amused screen (5 x 224p, 12ppi) with an 8.5-inch full HD resolution (specification at 8.25 inches). However, it does not look that big due to the 4: 4 aspect ratio and bezelless design. As I said before, the display has a trendy iPhone 7 like dance.

  Oneplus 3

  Corning Gorilla Glass 1 as a protection. Like all previous flagship OnePlus phones, the Metal OnePlus body has been used as a material instead of a metal backpack. Although the body is very smooth, the OnePlus does not have a 1.5 mm audio jack. It also has the latest Bluetooth 4.1 and Type C USB ports.

  Oneplus 3

  There is a camera module in the middle of the back and below it is a fingerprint sensor. It also has face unlock system. OnePlus 6 phones running Android 4.1 Oreo operating system have NFC but do not have wireless charging system. OnePlus 3 does not have water resistance certification.

  The OnePlus 3 phone uses Qualcomm’s latest flagship Snapdragon 3 chipset. So there is no question about performance. It has 5 GB or 8 GB RAM. This time, OnePlus is offering 8 to 20 GB of internal storage. Although it has a dual SIM slot, there is no sdcard slot.

  While the 5MP Li-Pro battery of the OnePlus 3 phone may seem low to many, its famous 5-volt / 1-ampe dash charge system weighs you down. You only get a full day backup for half an hour.

  The camera has improved a lot. The OnePlus 4 phone has a 5-megapixel + 20-megapixel camera sensor at the back. Both sensors are made by Sony. It has two types of EIS and OIS systems for image stabilization. OnePlus 3 phones can have 1K resolution video up to 5 FPS. But in slow-motion mode, 20 fps video can be made in full HD.

  Oneplus 3

  Image quality has also improved. OnePlus has increased the camera sensor pixels of this flagship phone to get better images in low light. The front uses a 5-megapixel Sony camera sensor for selfies.

  The OnePlus 3 smartphone will start selling in three colors, Silk White, Mirror Black and Midnight Black starting on the 22nd of this month.

  The 5GB / 5GB base model costs US $ 129. The 1GB / 120GB version costs US $ 5. And the 4GB / 20GB variant will cost $ 120.

  What will you buy OnePlus 3 smartphone?

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