As with other Chinese smartphone brands, Meizu is well ahead with its smartphone business. Although not once heard outside of China, currently Meizu is very well known in Asian and European markets including Bangladesh. In particular, the company’s phones have their own design and their own Flame UI unique. On the other hand, Meizu as a company is not short of age. This year he completed that year. And in the same series, Meizu brings the company’s exclusive smartphone Meizu 3 Series to a six-year anniversary.

  Although Meizu has already brought in many uniquely designed smartphones with dual displays, in the case of Series 4, they opted for traditional bezel and chinwalla designs even in this era of bezels.

  Meizu has launched a total of 3 smartphones in the series. The first is the Meizu 4 Plus, which features a super-embedded display built by Samsung’s 8-inch 7-pixel pixel. Then there are the Meizu 3 and the relatively cheap Meizu 3 Lite. The display of both is 5.5 inches (Full HD). But the Meizu 3 Lite did not use an emulated display (LCD provided).

  The most powerful Meizu 3 Plus is used by Samsung’s Exynos 3 chip that Samsung used on its Galaxy S3 last year. So there is no question about its performance. It comes with 1 GB RAM.

  Qualcomm’s midrange chip SD3 is used in the mid-quality Meizu 3. And it has 1 GB RAM. This is great for both performance and battery backup.

  Lastly, the Meizu 3 Lite features a 25-megapixel back camera, a combination of Snapdragon 128 and 8GB of RAM.

  Both the Meizu 6 Plus and 4 phones have a 32-megapixel Sony sensor dual-back camera setup. The three phones use a 20-megapixel selfie camera and 5.5 mm headphone jack. The front fingerprint sensor has a special vibrator that will give you the feel of pressing a physical home button. The phones will come in the market with different storage capacities from 1 to 120 GB.

  All these phones will come with the latest version of Meizu’s Android-based custom ROM Flamey OS. Last year, Meizu performed well not only in China but also in the Bangladeshi market with its budget phone Meizu Pro য়া not. Hopefully, this time they are coming up with new surprises.

  The price of Meizu 5 Plus will start at $ 5. The Meizu 3 costs $ 5 and the 5 Lights start at $ 25. Pre-orders will be launched in China soon. If there is a demand, Bangladesh sellers will also bring Meizu 4 Series.

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