Mi note image

  Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi is launching two new flagship Android phones. According to technology analysts, they will fight with the iPhone. There are two Mi Note and Mi Note Pro.

  Come see the specification of Mi Note

  Corning Gorilla Glass
  5p 1.3 inch display
  Metal frame
  Has 1 megapixel back and 1 megapixel front camera
  24 bit high definition audio
  2.5 GHz Snapdragon 3 GHz Processor
  Adreno 3GPU
  1 GB RAM
  1 mAh battery
  Weight 5 grams
  Price 1 Dollar (3 GB), 1 Dollar (3 GB)
  It will begin its journey from Singapore from 25 April to June.
  For those looking for something more powerful, the Mi Note Pro is coming.

  Mi note pro


  ৬৪ bit snapdragon a ট octacore processor
  Adreno 3GPU
  1 GB RAM
  1GB 4.1 flash memory
  LTE – Cat 1
  4.1 inch 2K display (3 PPI)
  Price is 5 dollars

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