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Recently Microsoft has revealed some new features of its new Windows 7 operating system so that customers can get a preview. Since the introduction of Windows 7 last September, many changes have been seen, such as updated start menus, improved multitasking, task interfaces with task views.

After Windows 7 comes on the market, Microsoft will give free upgrades to Windows 7, Windows 7.1 and Windows Phone 4.1 customers for one year.

The recent Microsoft press conference showcases many new features that will expire within the next three, four or five months. Let’s look at the new features of Windows 7.

Start menu and action center
In Windows 7, you can use a full screen start menu or any small start menu such as Windows 7. The Action Center has also been redesigned so that simple things like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and other settings can be accessed very easily. Notifications of Action Center will be synchronized, so if you turn off the popup notification on mobile, it will no longer bother you on any other device.

Microsoft has brought Cortana in a new way with the ability to set powerful search and reminders. It seems like a real helper, not a robot. Microsoft says that this is an accessory no one has ever seen.

Design and interface
Windows 8 is further refined in terms of design and interface. Almost every aspect of the user interface has seen new changes that were not there in the previous beta version of Windows 7.

Universal app
Windows 7 is a universal app that can run on both mobile and desktop. Also, the ‘metro’ style is more beautiful now. OneDrive is now able to display all your images smartly.

Project spartan
Now it will support touch so that you can highlight a page that is browsed anywhere and does not require a special pen to highlight it, but it is possible using finger or mouse. More in the mood for reading.

Now on Xbox, messaging support, activity with, universal friend list and Xbox games can now be played on other devices using WiFi.

At the special Windows 7 event on 25 January, Microsoft has demonstrated some new technologies, including Windows 8, holographic headset ‘HoloLens’, Windows 7 Mobile. If you want to know about all the surprises together, check out our live blog

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